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Ever since Y Combinator coined the term "Requests for Startups," investors have used it to refer to ideas they hope get built. The problem? Those ideas are often only shared with a select group of entrepreneurs, or delivered in unstructured formats like blog posts and tweets. That means that great entrepreneurs might miss out, simply because they're not part of a certain group, or glued to the right platform.

RFS100 flips the script. We ask generous investors, founders and operators to share their best ideas with the world. Then we deliver them in a structured, consistent format to help you get started down the idea maze.

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Udemy with memes

Podcast discovery, virtual worlds, and digital twins

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Robinhood for retirement

Figma for data, Lambda for other jobs, and treating gambling addicts

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Reinventing Goodreads

Cameo for normies, Segment for business processes, and a TikTok x WebMD mash-up

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Bitmoji game studios

Lemonade for companies, Twitter's offspring, and Zoom for evangelicals

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Honey for credit card points

Virtual senior centers, new homeschooling, and YC for VC

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FiveThirtyEight for enterprise risk

Pinduoduo for the US, differential privacy, and avatars

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